“Ruby is startlingly talented for someone of her age and what makes her writing and performances even more powerful is that she has no idea how good she is. Her use of language and imagery is beautiful and her performance style has progressed leaps and bounds from when I first saw her perform. I’m glad I’m 10 years older than her or else I might start feeling a little threatened!” – Jess Green, poet, Burning Books


“Ruby’s workshop on the history and meanings of folk songs was engaging and insightful. I felt free to contribute to the workshop and was made to think more deeply about songs I’d known for a long time. Finishing with suggestions for new additions to the songbook was a great idea that left everyone feeling upbeat after the workshop had finished.” – workshop participant, 2015

“Ruby is a passionate and talented writer, who inspired the students by showcasing her own excellent work. The resources were tailored to suit a range of abilities and the students were engaged and enthusiastic. They prepared and performed some high quality poems. I would highly recommend Ruby as a poet and teacher to other schools and colleges.” – Nina Taylor, Lead English Teacher, Sir Jonathan North Community College

“Ruby’s poetry speaks for a generation of confused, disillusioned but ultimately hopeful women and queers trying to find their place in a messy and troubling world. Her words are inspiring, thought provoking and resonate with our struggles, and her messages are both challenging and empowering. I am excited to see where she goes with her work: I have no doubt that she will achieve great things.” – Naomi Wilkins, musician and activist, Three Acres and A Cow

“Ruby is the kind of poet that makes you do that annoyed but smiling face when you’re offended but admire how clever what they just said is.” – audience member, 2015

“Ruby’s poetry; 10/10, would listen to again, would recommend to a friend.” – audience member, 2015

“Ruby’s poetry speaks to my soul.” – audience member, 2015