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‘Proper Poet’

This year, I have decided to be a ‘Proper Poet’. Whatever that means. Like, in my head a ‘Proper Poet’ is an artist, and an artist is someone who makes a living from their art. But since I made that decision I’ve been realising more and more that art and survival are not necessarily compatible.

I have been listening to poets and performers, overhearing their frustrations about touring 9 months of the year just to keep themselves afloat, their incredulity at being constantly expected to work simply for ‘exposure’; and trying to work out how on earth I could make a life out of art for myself.

Last night at Find The Right Words in Leicester I got to hear an extract from Paula Varjack’s new show, Show Me The Money, which asks the question “can you become and artist and still survive?”. She has interviewed artists at various stages in their careers and put together a ‘performance documentary’ exploring the relationship between art and money. It encapsulated a lot of the feelings I have about money (“sexy but toxic”) and brought home the realities of art as a career path. That, even when you are actually paid, the rate will not reflect the hours the writing, producing and editing takes. That to be a full-time artist is impossible for most people. But also that to have another job alongside your art doesn’t make you any less of an artist, no matter what people might think. That art is valuable and rewarding in its own right, and that it feels kinda soulless to sell it. But that the fact remains that people want art, but still aren’t prepared to pay.

All this money talk could make a person feel hopeless. But actually this morning I feel more energised to pursue the arts than ever before. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think it’s the honesty. So many people continue as artists without the financial incentive and there is something… pure about that, something that suggests art is immeasurably more worthwhile than some other career paths. It means that I will need to think seriously about how to balance doing what I love with making enough to survive (and that is scary), but I have come away with a sense of comfort in knowing there is joy and solidarity in making art and that is enough to keep me going.
I made another post a few months ago summarising my feelings about working for free: you can read it here.


This week

This week is possibly the most important, and most exciting, of my life as a poet. At the start of this year, I decided that I would start taking my poetry more seriously, and a couple of weeks later I have 3 gigs and 2 workshops in the space of seven days (as well as a RJFP shift and a pub crawl…). I am ridiculously excited. I am also kinda terrified. I mean two of them are open mics and it’s not like I’ve never done this before. But I’m preparing for the longest sets I’ve ever performed in front of new, big audiences, I’m running workshops at my old secondary school where I haven’t been in two years and I’m going to try and sell some little collections of my poetry for the first time too.

So if you’d like to come and support me, here are the dates and info about my performances this week –

Tuesday 19th January: open mic at The Y Theatre, Leicester

Wednesday 20th January: Find The Right Words, Upstairs at the Western, Leicester

You’ll also be able to buy my brand new tiny poetry collection, which is a little zine containing 6 of my love poems, for the bargain price of £1.50. (Perfect for Valentine’s Day, or something)

Remind me to reflect on this next Sunday…